Our knowledge and work in our chosen areas of expertise is world-class. Not only are we aware of on-going industry trends in each of these fields, we are on top of the latest conversations happening in the media space — both in Asia and further afield. We create communications strategies that are only on-brand and on-message, and which cut through the noise.

With a deep understanding of the financial services spectrum across banking, capital markets, and insurance, we watch the financial markets as closely as our clients do, across conventional and alternative asset classes. We develop communications strategies that demonstrate domain knowledge and business problem solving, which get brands noticed and talked about.

‘Tech’ is the buzzword for corporates today. It is also, in some cases, a buzzkill and overkill for businesses. Technology cuts across everything that we do, affecting all industries. It is no longer just about discussing tech in our work, processes or adoption, but the everyday problems companies are using technology to resolve.

Every business requires operational support. We provide PR expertise to the legal, audit and accounting, and human resources industries — assisting them with their stakeholder communication needs.

People demand sustainable practices from brands and employers — a trend that is now a norm and in Belmont’s DNA. How are you communicating your sustainable values to your audiences? What you do and say for the environment and society has a direct impact on business performance.

Infrastructure affects lives — it affects the way we live, our quality of life and job creation across developed and emerging markets. We focus on the human stories in real estate and construction, and in commodities and energy.

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