Belmont was founded on the simple premise that people buy people.

We are domain-knowledge specialists who believe that public relations (PR) is a mission-critical, strategic asset and not an afterthought. We are invested in your business’ success, reflected in our outreach solutions that take into account your business challenges and opportunities, driving meaningful interaction with key audiences.

The true intent of PR has always been, and remains, about brand reputation management for companies and individuals. To do PR well is to reach out, connect and influence key stakeholders effectively. This need has not changed across centuries, and Belmont is respectful and representative of this tradition. That said, there are numerous trends that are rapidly changing the communications landscape, which cannot be ignored.

Communications in numbers

Research by The Holmes Report finds the amount of time allocated to earned media will gradually fall in the coming years.

Earned Media in 2019 (49%)
Earned Media in 2024 (35%)
Owned Media in 2019 (19%)
Owned Media in 2024 (24%)
Paid Media in 2019 (12%)
Paid Media in 2024 (16%)

The amount of time dedicated to owned and paid media will rise significantly in future. This will impact not only the make-up of communications budgets, it will prompt both in-house and external teams to expand their skill-sets and knowledge bases. Agencies and their clients must prepare accordingly, in terms of both resourcing and challenging expectations.

Changing role of PR executives

87% of PR executives don’t believe ‘public relations’ will describe their work in five years’ time, finds USC.

Changing times

When compared to a mere few years ago, there are many more types of channels, mediums and avenues available to us today, both online and offline.

The Holmes Report 2019 found 49% of communications work is dedicated to traditional PR and earned media, with 19% allocated to owned media, and 12% to paid media. By 2024, earned media will drop to 35%, with owned and paid media rising to 24% and 16% respectively. Furthermore, adobe finds 80% of marketing professional are experiencing digital disruption in some form.

The ability to generate new ideas, manage information and perception has never been more challenging or exciting as it is today. Our role is to guide brands through this increasingly broad and complex communications ecosystem, and devise strategies that leverage all forms of media. We are delighted you have chosen to visit the Belmont website, and look forward to being of service to your firm and its ambitions.

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